Looks like I skipped out a bit on the whole blogging constantly thingy. D: I’ve basically been very busy. Busy with what? Well, basically…


And I’ll clarify. School – yearbook ad gathering, football games, homework, neglected homework, SHIT.

Chillin’ – with sam, leanna, football games, and all that good shit. parties and things. yeeh.

but yeah. this recent blog will be written because I need a good excuse to discuss last night. :D oh, and i’m watching The Game. it’s a pretty cool tv show. (:

but about last nightttt.

my legs hurt. D: hahah. and i got hit in the eye with a flashlight. and I’m still extremely exhausted. but it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at someone’s sweet sixteen. :D

the night started out like THIS. hahah. that’s me and sam in the car. it took us a LONG time to find ashley’s mom’s house. like, it was me & sam!so far and then it got dark, and my mom was flipping out because she lived in the country and we basically couldn’t see anything. it’s a long story with it, but even riding in the car was fun. i’m gonna skip minor details and get to the partyyyy.

when we got there, it was sorta dark. we were hanging out in ashley’s dad’s basement (basically that’s where the party was. haha.) and we were with all of our friends, and our ashley’s step-mom and dad made us watch the blair witch trials. at first no one knew why, but we didn’t pay attention anyways. until the screaming and freakin’ running around part came up. we were all like D:

so THEN, that’s when we found out what was actually going on. the adults just so happened to be all like “time to go in the woods!” and we were like WHAT?! so they split us all into two groups. they went like this. Sam, Me, Alexis, Merissa, Mike, and Nick. and then Jarius, Ashley, Taylor, Kara, Cory, and Joel. and you KNOW when Mike and Merissa are in your group, things are either gonna be crazy or horrible. turns out it was both.. we started walking through at first and we were okay (besides the fact that when we were walking, Mike grabbed my ass…) until the this dude with a mask hops up on us. Wang (Merissa) and me basically booked. We ran so fast that we accidentally fell into a creek. My shoes were so wet and we were like DDD:

then after that, more stuff hopped out on us and we freaked the fuck out. somewhere in all the mass chaos, I tripped and fell on a branch, got hit with a flashlight all while my friends abandoned me. hahaha. it was actually pretty fun. besides, some people got hurt102409_2313_Oops2.jpg way worse than I did. like Cory, perfect example on the other side. lmao. he went through the WHOLE damn haunted walk like three times. and did I even go into detail about the haunted walk?

Okay. Started like this. Spooky noises (screaming and stuff), guy in a chair pointing out where to go first, then guy with an axe, then the gaping creek, then the witch lady tried to tell us we were going the wrong way and we screamed and ran from her, and then we were walking up the hill, zombie man followed us and we ran some more and scattered, I was by myself and I screamed and ran and almost killed myself on a fucking fallen tree branch. I swore more than some kid with turrets, and then the chainsaw man came by the time I found my friends Merissa and Sam and then they left me when the chainsaw started! Merissa is sorta big, she went flying over branches, and through trees and I was falling and tripping and hurting myself and trying to find them, and I was like WHERE ARE YOU GUYYYYS?! then I ended up almost shanking Merissa. hahaha. she was like, who’s touching me inappropriately!” and I’m like “that’s meee.. I don’t even care right nowwww. I’m wounded and I gotta peeeee and I’m dyinggggg aaaaah.” and then, as if things couldn’t get any worse… this car started and we all flipped out. it was so funny. we were running even faster. I was sliding down hills, Sam ran and hit me with a flashlight, and somehow I jumped on Nick’s back and I was yelling and screaming.

then when we got out, I was like “WHERE’S THE BATHROOOOM!” and Merissa’s like “I NEED A CHEESEBURGERRRR!” it was so funnnyyyy.

anyway, my wifi’s acting up. i’ll add more pictures later. byeee! <3

PS, if you haven’t already, ask me what lockerz is! :D



October 3, 2009

so, how bout.. after last night i never EVER want to go to another football game ever again. haha. i let my friend Sam drag me to one because i wanted to hang out with her, josh, and mellie. and we hung out, sorta. but it RAINED so bad! hahah. and this was homecoming game! it suckkkked.

and plus, josh was screaming in my ear and pissing me the fuck off. lmao. he was high as fuck and it was really annoying. he’s really pissy when he’s high, and i sorta wanted to kill him. haha. me and sam hung out with mellie mostly all night. it  was fun cause we were dancing as always. and i avoided josh and his mean-ness. but i might hang out with him this friday when i roll with sam because i want him to see how bad it is. haha. i’ll scream in his ear all night.

i really don’t like weed. haha. and mellie wants me and sam to smoke with him and josh. i was like FUCK THAT. i’ll roll while they smoke. cause i just hate weed.

andddd, yeah. that’s basically all that happened last night, BASICALLY. i sorta don’t wanna go into detail cause those are gay. haha. i should probably find something to do today.

but i got my laptop! (: and i’m on it right now! yaaaay!

okay, i guess i’m done. still sort of pissy from last night. byeee!

wow… little kids birthday parties should never be this chaotic. why can’t parents just throw nice parties for their kids at chuck-e-cheese instead of going to local ripoffs and doing such? why are the people working at seabase out to get me? why did i start a riot? actually.. by the way this started, it sounds like i had a pretty good day. in my opinion, anyway.

the family fun center.

the "family fun" center.

Well, if you think about it REALLY hard, it was kinda fun. but seabase really pissed me off today! first off, on the side there, that’s seabase. it’s pretty disgusting looking if you compare it to chuck-e-cheese. i mean, chuck-e-cheese reminds me of like.. a little kid’s night club. and seabase just looks really weird.

i didn’t even get to play hide and seek with all the kids today cause i got to the party kinda late and i didn’t sign in. you see the sign in desk in the very front of the picture? yeah well.. there was no one there to sign me in for the party, so i just strolled right past that desk with my little brother and we went to the party. THAT’S when the horror started. after they (mya and tia) did the birthday thing and blew out the candles on the cake, the nice little seabase employees handed out tokens to the birthday members. EXCEPT me becuase i didn’t have a pretty red wrist band.

don’t ask why i got so pissed.. maybe it was the fact that there was no one at the sign in desk when i got to seabase, but i yelled at the girl because of that. and she fucking told me this.. “well.. you can’t get any tokens unless you have a wristband. sorry.” so i went up to the sign in desk, kayla (oldest of the two sisters) and my little cousin takira in tow and i proceeded to tear one of the wristbands off of the sheet of them that was just sitting there. so THEN, a guy that worked there came up to me and was like “what are you doing?!” like i was murdering someone. and i was like “getting a wristband. what does it look like?” and he was like “you’re stealing ittt!” like it was worth something. wow.

the super fun gameroom where everythings broken.

so then, i finally got my wristband and i tracked down the girl with the token bag and she looked at me like i was nuts. seriously. and i was like, “tokens? you told me i needed a wristband. now i got one.” so then she makes up this lame ass excuse and goes “…you’re like 16.” and i’m like “14.” i lied. because i assumed if you’re over 14 you don’t get any tokens (or lazer tag tickets. and that’s what really counts.) and she’s like “yeah well… i don’t know why that guy gave you a wrist band. you’re too old.” and i’m like “FSGSRNHM.” and my cousin Kayla, whom has the worst temper proceeds to rage. which makes everything worse because she just walked away and pointed to me with that wristband guy. i swear to goodness, if he would have approached me and asked for his damn wristband back, i would have punched him in the nads.

so, everyone was all pissed because i couldn’t play lazer tag, and we all went into the game room. no one wanted to play lazer tag anymore. and while we were in the game room, i swear, half of the shit was broken. it was so dumb. kayla made a pretty big hobby of getting the tape off of one of the machines and left it on the floor. haha. then my aunt got pissed because the skeeball game stole her tokens. and then, after 20 minutes of raging, she ended up getting them back and then got upset because there was only nine skeeballs for like, three tokens.

ghetto tag.

ghetto tag.

THEN THIS is where the real shit started. there’s the lazer tag arena right there. it looks cooler with the lights off cause there’s blacklights. i guess whoever took the picture decided flash would be cool. uncle greg insisted i could play lazer tag so we all sat in the extra stuff area back by all the broken game machines and the extra jungle gym stuff and the pool table. and while we were back there, miss troublemaker decided to come back over and clarify that i couldn’t play lazer tag.

THEN all the little kids and my older cousin porsha got mad and they started chanting “LAZER TAG! LAZER TAG!” really loud and throwing the jungle gym thingies and piling up and jumping off of them. it was fun. until the girl with the freaking coin bag came BACK and told us to calm down or she’d kick us out. so then, my aunt raina got mad and told the girl off because i still couldn’t play lazer tag and we almost really got kicked out.. so my uncle greg deccided just to buy me a ticket.

then in lazer tag, we were really serious about it. hahaha. there’s not even that much space in the arena and we were hiding behind barrels and tumbling and hiding in corners and shit. we were sniping and stuff. it was really fun. but the vest choked me and it was really heavy to run with. haha.

anywhoo, i guess i’m done here. i think i might be banned from seabase for a long time. :D

oh andd. here’s a video of CJ (bus driver w/ the hardhat) and Jacob (guy with the fitted) that go to GCC. CJ is my friend Chelsea’s boyfriend. and he IS that weird in real life. (:


the away game.

September 26, 2009

ughhhh. i’m not gonna say much. i’m way too tired. and confused. and just.. blehh. tonight was so weird. i went to an away game and it was my new school vs my old school. and the craziest thing happened! i seen this kid that i haven’t seen in like, forever. and he’s cute. he’s always been cute, just now he’s sorta cuter. his name is logan. and we walked around a little bit and hung out with our friends and he was just like “aww, you’ve gotten so pretty, i’ve had a crush on you for the longest time!” and i was like AWW.

it’s not like he’s a bad kid. he’s pretty amazing and really funny. so, we were holding hands and hugging and walking around, and somehow i ended up kissing him. about three times, i think. i don’t really know how it happened, but i did it. and i sorta feel bad because i like logan. i never thought i would because of what he used to be like, but now it’s different. but the thing is, i like josh and everyone already knows thattt.

i wish i was dating him so bad, but i don’t know.. i’m not really sure if he likes me. if he does, i reaaally wanna hear it from him. and then, his best friend likes me too! that makes things even worse! i wish i just lived back in belle vernon and i could go out with logan cause we’re pretty cute. not saying that me and josh aren’t, but it’s just like… idk. :/

i should go to sleep. ): nighttt.

costume party.

September 20, 2009

ugh.. wasn’t fun at all. i wish i could have hung out with josh last night. haha. i dressed up as a hippie. (posting pictures later) and i dunno. the only fun thing was the dancing and dressing up. there were too many drunk people around.

so i got my mum to take me and my brother to my grams and i hung out with kayla, mya, and tia. they all approve of josh. i think.. haha. but they had to leave after like an hour. stupid school is making it hard for me to get to hang out with them. i can’t wait till school is out. haha. but that’s such a long time from now.

i’m still sleepy. so this is like, a short mopey blog. bleh. my parents argued all last night, of course. pissed me off. of course. so in the morning, me and my granny sat up and had a bull session about all of it. but the thing was, my parents argued in the morning! that made me even angrier! so as you can imagine, i’m not in a good mood. and my phone is dead. ):

i might as well find something to do. seeyuhh.

laaast night!

September 19, 2009

thats josh. singing to mah mommy. :D (his fro looks silly.)

that's josh. singing to mah mommy. :D (his fro looks silly.)

was THEE shit. :D (btw, this is a short blog. as dad says, “we’re running a tight schedule.”) 

i chilled out with my friends Brittany, Sam, and Leanna all day. they’re retarded. :) but while i was hanging out with all of them, leanna called JOSH and told him to come down cause i was at her house. so, he’s walkin’ and soon enough, it’s time for me to go homee. and Leanna tells my mom when she comes over “what am i gonna do now? josh was coming to see kiana!” and my mom was like “josh? hm! i wanna see him!” so we rode around the block a little bit and seen him. so mom shouted out the door a little and he couldn’t hear her cause of his headphones. so i got out and pushed him. lmfao. his expression was like this O_O?! but then he seen who i was and laughed and hugged me. 

so then we talked and chilled out in front of family video and my friends ended up walking up. haha. and my mum was by all of us, so she asked josh to sing a little bit. haha. he was all like “aww, well.. i’m not really all that goood.” (liee) and my mom was like “not what i heard!” so he sang for my mommy. haha. it was cool.

but after i left was the really cool part. hehehe. my friends got him to admit he likes meeee. :D but the only thing keeping us from dating is the fact that we don’t really know eachother. he told my friend sam that i was sexy (WTF?!), i had a good personallity, and i’m “girlfriend material”, buuut i’m so “pure” and he’s so “corrupt” and he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me. hahah. he’s such a sweetheart, though. if you’d meet him, it  doesn’t seem like he’s that bad. but idk.

we’ll see, i guess. ;) (adding pictures to this later :D)

but today, i went shopping. (: hot topic is mah new favorite store. :D

mmkk, bye!

:DDD music blogging is so funnn.

okay, now if you’ve never heard of the group NLT, i assume you don’t know Travis Garland.

he’s from the group, obviously. and he was one of the lead vocals with Kevin McHale, who’s now on the show Glee. (the wheelchair kid.)

i’m so exciteeedd! he’s coming out with a solo album soon! man, his voice is pretty amazingg. i don’t even know what he reminds me of. but his style is sort of r&b/pop or something. it’s pretty beautiful. not to mention Travis isn’t ugly. (:

this type of thing makes a girl fall in love. xD

don’t ask why he was singing elvis.. but that was from his vblog or something. pretty sweet. :D he’s done better though, to be honest. hehe. just keep an eye out for him.

and another thing! New Boyz has an album out. yeah, the guys that did You’re A Jerk. i didn’t expect them to be around that long.. all they talk about it skinny jeans, jerkin, and such. it’s funny, but it’s like the Soulja Boy affect. i swear, it they turn into Soulja Boy..

last thing! kid cudi’s album comes out on the fifteenth. and that’s gonna be pretty cool. i liked going through his myspace and seeing his musical influences because it made me like him way more. haha.

please tell me why you dont love him? :D

please tell me why you don't love him? :D

The Neptunes, Geto Boyz, Snoop Dogg, 36 Mafia, Jadakiss, Biggie, Tupac, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Timbaland, Kenna, Kanye West, LL Cool J, John Mayer, Run DMC, Bone Thugs, Easy E, NWA, Queen, ELO, Serious Bizness, Postal Service, My Chemical Romance, Jodeci, Ratatat, Dr. Dre, Al Green, David Ruffin, Abstract art, Q tip, Tribe Called Quest

This guy is pretty cool. (: his new album’s called Man on the Moon, and like i said, it comes out on the 15th of September. now, i don’t buy any albums but kanye west’s in hard copies. i got all of kanye’s albums at my house in their cases and everything. they’re not digital albums or any of that.

but after hearing him, i think i’m gonna have to go out and buy his too. haha. and you can hear how different his style is from like, any other rap artist. he throws this electronic feel in there and it turns out amazing. and sometimes he sings. but he doesn’t forget that he’s a hiphop artist and he raps too. can’t forget that. not to mention that Chip the Ripper is on some of his tracks and he’s pretty cool too. eventhough i’ve never heard him on anything other than Kudi’s music.

anywhoooo. gotta run to walmart.  
check these out!: http://www.myspace.com/kidcudi , http://www.myspace.com/newboyz , http://www.myspace.com/travisgarlandmusic

:) byeee!


this isn’t necassary..

September 13, 2009

but i’m excited out of my mind right nowww! & i can’t even dream of going to sleep! welcome to the wonderful land of insomniaa.

during this marvelous journey, i’ve fallen in love with Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, the Beatles, Elton John, Feist, and Imogen Heap. (: I’m listening to Imogen now. her style of music is like.. a more grown up version of Owl City or something. actually, just the songs Loose Ends and Headlock remind me of Owl City if they(or he, or whatever) had a deeper style of music. idk. Hide & Seek is a really good song, but i have no clue what it’s about..

Kings of Leon had me hooked with Use Somebody and Sex on Fire. which is odd, because mainstream music makes me sick to my braincells. but my Journalism teacher Mr. Lenzi was talking about them and BAM. i love them!

the Beatles is pretty self explanatory. who DOESN’T love the Beatles, for one thing. and two.. Hey Jude, Let it Be, and Come Together are some good songs. (:

Pink Floyd got me at the album the Wall and the Dark Side of The Moon (which goes amazing with the Wizard of Oz, disregarding the myth.) the songs Money, Wish You Were Here, Speak To Me/Breathe, Goodbye Blue Sky, and Any Colour You Like are my favorites. :)

Elton John.. I’m still about to listen to him some more. hah. So far, Bennie & the Jetts is the best.

Feist is just… AH! idk! i love her, and i’m not really sure why! her style is like.. accoustic coffee shop or something. it’s really smooth and easy going. except for Inside & Out, which is still a good song even though it disrespected Feist’s chillstyle. My favorite songs by her are… 1234, Gatekeeper, Inside & Out, Honey, Honey, Intuition, Secret Heart, and Leisure Suite.


you say “too late to start” got your heart in a headlock.” – imogen heap. (:

anywhosiee. check this out! (: imma try to get some sleep! night night!
(BTW! My friend Sam is gonna try to hook Josh up with me! AAAAH! i really don’t think it’ll workkk. xD but i love that girl!)

:D helloooo!  blogging on the weekends is fun. (: but you know what’s funner?

 football gameees! i love ’em cause i can pretty much hang out with anyone! for instance, i taught this kid who EEEVERYONE knows (Jake Piper)how to do the Reject with my (new!) friends Mellie & Josh. and thenn i hung out with some freshman, hung out with my friends Sam, Leanna, & Jeremiah, and then hung out with Mellie & Josh like I said before. hah.

At first, I was sorta paying attention to the football game, and like.. first quarter we were all walking around just saying hey to everybody. then around the second quarter we all hooked up with people we wanted to hang out with. Chelsea, Mike, Me, Mellie and Josh were all together but this is when all the fun started. :D haha. Mellie (whom has dance tourettes) was doing his normal dance thing, and then a whole group of kids come around to watch him and his brother (Joshiee) swag it out. haha.

Okay.. for the record Mellie & Josh can dance like any shit you’ve seen on America’s Best Dance Crew. and i think they actually plan on making a crew. Pacman Crew or something like that? Which goes in to the whole jerkin’ thing. I think I’m the only girl in my school who can actually do the Jerk and the Reject. O_O buut, Josh thought it was pretty cool. haha. and thenn, i tried to do this other dance and Josh told me I couldn’t do it right. so he spent like, half an hour teaching me how to do it. everyone was so geeky, we all danced with no music. xD mike told me he couldn’t dance at all, so he tried to teach me how to techno dance. i think everyone just now realized i could dance. it was fun messing around with mellie and josh and teaching people how to dance all night. :D

anywhoo, there were so many people that should have been dating last night and weren’t! like mike and chelsea! mike is such a nice guy. hehe. chelsea dated him once, but idk why they don’t go back out. :O then sam &  jeramiah. he won’t date sam cause he already has a girlfriend in a different school district, even while he was dating a girl from my school district named haley! i want him to date sam though, cause he’s nice too but he’s in a “situation” as he calls it. and sam really likes him.

and since i’m talking about people liking people, i guess i should just start talking about Josh. :D he just came to our school this year and he’s a sophomoreee. (: he’s super nice, and he’s really silly. anddd he can dance. and sing.. (((: he sang to me, like all night. cause i really didn’t know he could sing like that. but he has a pretty amazing voice and we have the same taste of music. it’s funny. xD (his favorite band is MCR. :D) oh anddd, he and mellie have a strange.. obsession with the movie The Dark Knight and they can do pretty kickass impressions of the Joker. it’s amazing.

they better go to the next football gamee! cause i had so much fun hanging out with them! (& Josh, and his amazing singing voice, and his drawing, and his dancing, and his amazing hugs, and his goofyness. :D)

welpp, imma go cause i got like a million IMs on nimmy that i’m neglecting.. xD byee! <3

& BTW! incase you didn’t know what “The Jerk & the Reject were…

i’m a country kid..

September 6, 2009

this is sorta like the cornfields at mah grandmas. (:

this is kinda like the cornfield at my grandma's. (:

it’s sad, but i truly am really really bum country. haha. today, i was hanging around with my cousins at my grandma’s house and this place is like.. really kinda country. well, not really. i think the only country of that place is like… the weird plant life and the corn field and the back allys and stuff. but, it’s a cool place. to me, anyway.

but anywhom! we were all walking around and my mom was with us, and she found these.. like.. weird cat tail plants. they were pretty cool because you could blow on the leaves of these things and this annoying whistle sound would come from it. [proof #1] then, it started getting not cool when everyone started hitting eachother with the plants. cause those things hurt pretty bad. my second youngest cousin tia had a whole big bush full of these things. i stood like… a mile away from her cause she seriously was ready to jack someone up..

(keep in mind: i had six of my younger cousins walking with me. in age order… me(kiana), kayla, mya, kendra, takira, tia, jeff(jp).

then, my mom and brother were with us, but they don’t count.

anyways, we were venturing around the neighborhood again and we found these… like.. tiny porupine thingies! you could pull ’em off the plants and throw ’em and they stuck to peoples clothes. those things cut up my fingers. it was pretty ridiculous.. D: but it was fun throwing ’em. we all got into this gigantic war with these things. but one got stuck in my hair. (i got pretty pissed off, as you can imagine.) [proof #2]

thennn after all that walking, (and i forgot to mention that this big, black dog hopped out and scared the living shit out of me.), we decided it would be cool to have a bonfire. xD and my little cousins are like… future arsonists and tried to throw EVERYTHING into the fire. it was intense. me and the oldest (kayla) had to run around screaming at the little ones because they were like.. panicing. but, we were just as bad as they were.. and somehow, i ended up getting burned.. [proof #3]

THEN! this is the worst part! everyone got all pissed off because somehow a dog got loose in the neighborhood and we all had to go away from our wonderful, wonderful fire (irony.. xD) and up onto my grandma’s porch. the youngest (jp) was ranting and raving about how he was gonna kill the dog and smash him in his face meanwhile he’s the size of like… a little doll or something. he’s really little. saying he was going to kill this big black dog (yes, the SAME dog) but it made me laugh. me and kayla decided after that, it was time for all the little kids to go into the house becuase they were going into like… hysterics. [proof #4]

well.. i’d say i had a pretty fun night. xD & if you’re wondering why all the proofs are there, it’s just me reminding myself how country i am. eventhough i think i’m not because i live in this town-slash-city. blahh. i guess you can’t escape who you are.

anywhooo… bye for now! :D